Who we are

Edoardo Gelato is the first certified organic gelateria in Tuscany. Under the shadow of Brunelleschi’s Cupola in Piazza del Duomo in Florence, we serve artisanal ice cream with a genuine taste, where quality and sustainability are the core of everything we do.

Handmade wafers

One of our specialties is the handmade, crispy, and fragrant wafer that accompanies our ice cream. When you walk past the gelateria you can smell their fragrance all the way from Piazza del Duomo: a sweet and genuine aroma floats in the air of Florence and invites you in. We make them every day from selected organic flours, to guarantee you the perfect combination between the taste of the ice cream and the crunchiness of the wafer.

You will feel the difference in every bite!

Flavors for every season

At Edoardo Gelato, we believe in using fresh, seasonal ingredients to guarantee genuine taste and pure authenticity. Each season brings with it a new selection of flavors that reflect the delights that nature offers us. From the fragrance of summer fruits to the more enveloping notes of autumn, we offer different flavors every day to allow you to explore all the nuances of the tastes of the seasons!

In addition to seasonality, we place great emphasis on vegan flavors: not only fruit-based ice cream but also many other variations to satisfy everyone’s tastes!


11:30 AM – 11:30 PM

12:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Wednesday closed

055 281 055 (Piazza del Duomo)
055 202 4955 (via Guicciardini)