Fresh products!

Our gelato is made with organic ingredients and fresh products.

The first certified organic gelato in Tuscany!

We have earned the biological certification from the QCertification institute. All our production chain is registered and checked, in order to always guarantee the biological quality for our customers.
Biological produce is natural, healthy and is liked by all. We at “Edoardo” have made a choice as regards a way of working and lifestyle, certain that our efforts will herald great satisfaction and, of course, excellent gelato!

Take a step back into the past!

Those who enter our gelateria take a step back into the past; the gelato in the carapina boxes, the walnut furniture, the counter in a light coloured wood with all of its drawers, the vintage cash register, the retrò clothing of the staff, all contribute to the atmosphere of an old dairy shop. It seems as if you have returned to the 1940’s! It is as if this gelateria has always been here…
Customers really appreciate our gelato. Once they have tasted it, they often retrace their steps to tell us how much they enjoyed it, which is a great compliment for us.